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About The Orthopods

The Orthopods started as a casual conversation between founder Bill Pientka, and his wife during a cruise vacation of the coast of Honduras in 2014.  Dr. Pientka was preparing for an upcoming in-training exam at the time, and reminiscing about how difficult it was to develop a basic foundation of orthopaedic knowledge on which to build while in medical school and as a junior resident.  The resources widely available were not, in general, geared towards the beginner.  Amanda Pientka, a fourth year medical student herself with an interest in emergency medicine, mentioned how people were creating podcasts on various topics relevant to emergency medicine, and how she had used them to further her knowledge of emergency medicine.  She introduced the idea of the FOAMED initiative, and suggested Dr. Pientka start a podcast covering orthopaedic surgery topics geared towards beginners.


And so, The Orthopods was born.

We hope that you enjoy these podcasts as much as we enjoy putting them together.  

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